A dream come true “Pride Beauty Studio”

Since I could remember I have always been infatuated with makeup, fashion anything that made us look pretty as well as being my own boss.  But life gets in the way so does the wrong people in your life.

 As the years passed I fell more and more in love with MakeUp and everything that had to do with it. I remember grabbing my mothers liner and making a mess out of it, or miss placing her Maybeline eyeshadows and her getting so upset at me, lol.  When I got to High School I got the opportunity and began to work as a nail technician in one of the local nail salons and instantly fell in love with it all… MakeUp, Nails, Fashion anything and everything that had to with that industry.

I worked in the nail industry for close to 10 years and realized that it no longer was a passion for me, it now felt like I had to do it. I lost the love for it, but the LOVE and passion I had for MakeUp & fashion was as alive in me as it was when I first discovered it so many years before.

But once again Life became a reality and I had to put it all to an end quick 😦 I found my self lost and discouraged. The people in my life at the time made it very difficult for me to even have any passion for anything. NEVER ever give anyone that much importance in your life that you allow them to make you stop your dreams. BECAUSE those people aren’t that important!

I DID THAT and till this day i can’t believe I allowed those people to do that to me.

But… God is good, years later I’m more happy then I have ever been in my life. God helped me find my way and for him I’m grateful. I’m married to the most amazing person in the world “my angel” I have thee most amazing kids and when you allow God to hold your hand and lead the way great things happen.

My dream has come true!


With the motivation, the sweat and the help of my amazing wife I was able to open up my Salon and start working with my clients in a beautiful, personal and stylish atmosphere.

At our studio we take Pride in YOU! You are out focus.

We work towards making our clients happy when it comes to Weddings, Sweet 16’s, Anniversaries, Girls Night out, Birthday Parties and so much more 🙂

Pictures of our Grand Opening 🙂

My wife and I owners of Pride Beauty Studio

Mimosas, cupcakes and goodies for our guests. Cupcakes were made by the amazing Jaclyn Parzygnot You can order your own custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes by emailing J.parzygnot@gmail.com

We had a surprise visit from one of the Owners of an amazing shop called Trios Treats, owned by 3 sisters that make thee most amazing Moscato infused chocolate covered Strawberries. WOW!! You can order yours at www.TriosTreats.com 



The CEO of The Indie Chicks Chrystal Rose passed by and paid us a visit.


Some of our Goodie Bags filled for our guests and a copy of one of my favorite magazines The Indie Chicks.

Our first Official Employee.. Meet Stephanie amazing MUA that will bring so much beautiful and humble spirits to Pride. You can follow her on Instagram: @makeupbyalwayzluvly




One last thing is to anyone that is reading this and has a dream GO FOR IT.. don’t ever give up, don’t ever allow anyone to bring you down in which you stop believing in yourself. I did for many years but I came back with a vengeance and here I am. Give it your all, dreams do come true but you have to work hard for them and don’t ever allow anyone to come between them! God bless you all ❤

You can follow us on

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrideBeautyStudio Instagram: @Pride_Beauty_Studio Website: www.jannymua.com


Janny xoxo


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